Solenoid Driven Pump:
LMI  manufactures an extensive line of Chemical Metering Pumps for water and wastewater treatment and Electronic and motor-driven pumps are available for flow proportional  applications with liquid handling configurations for slurries and high viscosity chemicals.  Our trademark yellow and black products are the standard for water treatment professionals around the world.

Mechanical Actuated Diaphragm Pump:
 Series G™ dosing pumps are electric motor-driven pumps with mechanical diaphragm liquid ends. Simple, economical and rugged,they offer great flexibility and a wide selection of liquid ends  compatible with most chemicals. With a corrosion-resistant  plastic or aluminium housing, depending on the model, they are based on two technologies previously only used for intensive-use industrial pumps: variable eccentric drive and stroke adjustment.

 Hydraulic Actuated Diaphragm Pump: API 675
Created in 1959, and enhanced and improved over the years, the mROY® is one of the most popular dosing pumps in the world. Its high performance, reliability and durability (service lives in excess of 30 years regularly observed on site) have made it an industry standard. With its flow rate/pressure characteristics and its very compact footprint,  the mROY® dosing pump meets the requirements of numerous processes  and applications.
Its many advantages explain why so many customers choose it for integrating the most complex dosing systems (chemical injection packages).

PrimeRoyal: API 675
The combination of their design, which enables them to operate in extreme conditions, and their modularity makes PRIMEROYAL® dosing pumps suitable for a large number of industrial processes. Comprising 6 types of mechanism, the PRIMEROYAL® range  provides accurate dosing of all types of fluids at flow rates that can reach more than 70,000 l/h. With over 50 years' experience in dosing equipment for industry, Milton Roy Europe's industrial dosing pumps provide you with Safety, Reliability and High  performance.

PowerRoyal: API 674
 The Poweroyal positive-displacement reciprocating pump provides outstanding performance in demanding conditions. Ideal for high-pressure/high-volume applications, the pump has been designed for maximum performance in minimal space. 

Williams Pumps: API 675
The Williams lines of pneumatic metering pumps are ideally suited to precisely inject a wide variety of chemicals designed to meet your specific requirements. Made from 316 stainless steel materials which offers superior chemical compatibility and resistance, whether low volumes or high pressures let us select the right pump for you? Plunger , diaphragm, or hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps are available all include the MK XIIA Controller which generates pneumatic pulses to stroke the pump.


LMI Controllers are the first choice by water-treatment professionals for simple chemical addition to control conductivity, pH and ORP.  The superior design and rugged construction of our controllers add the value and reliability you expect from an industry leader. 


Milton Roy offers a complete line of accessories designed to make even the most demanding dosing processes work smoothly. Pressure relief valves, back pressure valve, and pulsation dampeners are just a few of the items available to meet the needs of your process.

 PrimeRoy: API 675
The PRIMEROY® is based on a brand new device, the diaphragm 
GSD (Global security device – patent pending) what provides:
- Smaller total pump footprint (up to 75% less floor space)
-  Enhanced robustness
- A triple hydraulic security; Internal pressure safety valve,  diaphragm controlled hydraulic oil refill, protection valve preventing  from diaphragm overrunning and extrusion.

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